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We’ve compiled a list of most commonly asked questions and hope you can find your answers below. If not, we encourage you to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help. You can send an email from our contact us page.


What if my child does not have autism?

The term ABA is often associated with autism, however, the principles of ABA can be used for individuals with other diagnoses.

Due to its wide-reaching scope of practice, ABA can be used for any individual who may benefit from therapy that will aid in increasing healthy positive behaviours in many domains.

What is the Ontario Autism Program?

The Ontario Autism Program (OAP) offers support to all eligible families of children and youth on the autism spectrum. Children and youth who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by a qualified professional are eligible for the program. Children receive services and supports until the age of 18.

Are services eligible for Ontario Autism Program expenses?

Yes, all services are overseen by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and therefore are eligible expenses.

How can I pay for my services?

Payment instructions are provided once the necessary paperwork is completed. Payment can be made by cheque or e-transfer.

When it is time to reconcile my son/daughters funding, what do I need?

You will require your invoice that is provided upon payment of services.

My child is receiving services, can you help me reconcile my funding with the Ontario Autism Program?

No, we cannot assist with the completion of your reconciliation. We will provide you with the necessary documents (e.g. invoice) that you require.

I'd like to sign my child up for ABA however, I am not sure what goal I want to work on.

That is not a problem, simply book a consultation and our program will schedule a 30 min appointment to determine some possible goals and confirm if ABA would be an appropriate way to address the goals.