Individual Services

We provide individualized and focused services for your child/youth and family. We determine goals in conjunction with families to ensure that the goals are meaningful to you and your child/youth. An ABA Consultant will work with yourself and child/youth in your home within Waterloo Region (outside Waterloo Region subject to mileage and clinical approval). All services begin with an assessment and interview to gain information for individualized goal setting.  This is included in the assessment package (listed under the service tab) and is added to all individual service packages.

Services may include both parent training and time spent with your child/youth. If you would like to be added to our service list, please complete an consultation form.

Potential Goals may include:

  • Executive functioning (e.g. problem solving, organizational/planning)
  • Managing challenging behaviour
  • Social skills (e.g. responding to questions, initiating conversations, joining and ending conversations, sharing)
  • Communication skills
  • Self-Regulation skills
  • Vocational skills (e.g. job skills, interview skills, etc.)
  • Knowledge based goals (e.g. relationships and dating)
  • Life skills (e.g. preparing meals)
Working with Child
Working with Child

In-Person Services Option Details

  • 24 hours total (12 weeks)
  • 1 session/week (2 hours)
  • BCBA Supervision
  • Review of progress summary outlining all supports

Note: other service packages available if clinically recommended by our BCBA

Virtual Services Option Details

  • 12 hours total (12 weeks)

  • 1 hour/week

  • BCBA supervision

  • Review of progress summary outlining all supports